Professor Jordan Peterson is an intellectual leader of our time. He is taking part in a new scientific revolution, a groundbreaking effort to understand the workings of the human mind, culture, and religious worldviews and how they are shaped by evolved psychological adaptations that determine our social structure and philosophy of life. This new scientific… Read More

      As I marked with arrows on the chart, rising solar activity impelled the period of the Enlightenment, particularly by Puritans in England: from the natural philosophy of Newton and John Locke’s ideal of liberty, to the Founding Fathers of the United States in 1776. But, as solar radiation peaked, began a long period… Read More

We live in a period of history in which intensifying gender, race and religious wars are leading to political disputes over nationalism versus globalism and threatening Western liberty with a return to primitive tribalism. Each side in the conflict, from conservatives and libertarians on the right, to liberals on the left, has its own high… Read More

The Testosterone Hypothesis - Book Mockup

    New Book makes case that testosterone is the key biological factor that drives the engine of human culture and history. THE TESTOSTERONE HYPOTHESIS:  How Hormones Regulate the Life Cycles of Civilization is Roy Barzilai’s next provocative book, following last year’s release of THE OBJECTIVE BIBLE: Western Civilization’s Struggle for Philosophic Liberation from a… Read More

Faith and reason: the Singularity from a biblical perspective Since the Garden of Eden, when man first ate from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, to the collapse of reason during the Dark Ages, to the Enlightenment and the Age of Reason, to the modern day of information technology, man’s mind has functioned in… Read More

The Objective Bible - Book Mockup

If we want to know the future of the United States, the Hebrew Bible conveys the secret to its origins, its foundations, and its destiny. Is the modern United States repeating the tragic history of ancient Israel? The twelve tribes of Israel walked with God during the two-century period of the Judges and rose to… Read More