My new scientific article published in the Journal of NeuroPhilosophy in this link: Abstract The recent atrocious war starting in 2022 between Russia and Ukraine has highlighted the underlying fundamental tensions between the two polar sides of the Eurasian grand supercontinent, connecting Western Europe (and also the United States across the Atlantic Ocean, further… Read More

LINK: THE TESTOSTERONE PARADOX: HOW SEX HORMONES SHAPE THE ACADEMIC MIND Roy Barzilai ABSTRACT In my work I argue that sexual differences in the brain seem to shape the ideological gulf between the respective social groups each side represents. And most significantly, it is the male sex hormone testosterone that is the primary hormone… Read More

Sex wars have been the driving force causing the western cultural divide as a wedge between the yin-yang, feminine-masculine power dynamics is causing a breakup of the traditional family, fall in gender identification, and collapse of normative heterosexuality, opposite-sex in sexual attraction. These dynamic changes in the sexual organization of culture, also leads to phase… Read More

Professor Jordan Peterson is an intellectual leader of our time. He is taking part in a new scientific revolution, a groundbreaking effort to understand the workings of the human mind, culture, and religious worldviews and how they are shaped by evolved psychological adaptations that determine our social structure and philosophy of life. This new scientific… Read More

      As I marked with arrows on the chart, rising solar activity impelled the period of the Enlightenment, particularly by Puritans in England: from the natural philosophy of Newton and John Locke’s ideal of liberty, to the Founding Fathers of the United States in 1776. But, as solar radiation peaked, began a long period… Read More