We are a world at war.

Gender, race, and religious wars are intensifying.

Political disputes over nationalism and globalism are threatening Western liberty with a return to the primitive tribalist mentality of collectivism. Sex Wars offers a new perspective on the historical, social, and ideological trends that drive human civilization. Roy expands on his last book, The Testosterone Hypothesis, to further explore how secret biological and psychological forces—even cosmic forces—drive the evolution of human cultures and the course of history.

This research presented in this book reveals how sex hormones regulate the sexual organization of human societies. They compel mankind to form cultures based either on family values led by strong, independent men or a feminist, communist social structure. Testosterone levels motivate man to grow and seek independence and masculine virtues or else to bow down in subordination to social controls and big government paternalism. It is a dominance hormone that elevates mankind to command nature, but its decline can bring him down into a state of impotence and despair, even to self-destruction.

Testosterone structures society in dominance hierarchies, driving groups to unite in common goals for territorial ambitions: to form nation states with secure borders, to establish law and order under the banner of individual rights and liberty, which the West has experienced since the Enlightenment. However, its collapse propels group conflict and tribal warfare for global conquest and submission under communist or fascist ideologies, such as the Dark Age religious doctrines of Islamic jihad, driven by sexual repression, depression, and aggression.

Continuing on the path of the scientific revolution, led in physics by Newton and in biology by Darwin, equipped with the modern tools of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology, we can now create a similar revolution in the social sciences and humanities to bring the next leap forward in human knowledge!


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DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.23756/sp.v7i1.453