The Objective Bible investigates the entire sweep of Western philosophy to display the pattern of mystical dualism that has lured man throughout the ages into a trance of group-think. This research examines the evolution of Western civilization by integrating different aspects of the humanities: social psychology, philosophy, and history. The result is a comprehensive illumination of the disparity between the unconscious, herding instinct that regulates social mood and the individual’s cognitive mind. Unveiling the role of these forces in the cultural evolution of the West sheds important light on the worst atrocities of the twentieth-century.

Even more significantly, comprehending the operative forces of the communal dynamics of destruction equips readers to critically assess what is currently besetting societies in order to not repeat history.

In ancient polytheistic religions, numerous chaotic, supernatural forces were believed to manipulate the otherwise stagnant physical world. Defying this primeval mysticism, the monotheistic revolution of Abraham launched the radical cosmology of a natural, orderly, and lawful universe guided by a benevolent Creator. The belief in one, transcendent God affirms the fundamental uniformity of the natural laws that govern the universe. Through these laws, the Creator directs the evolution and progress of creation, generating meaning and purpose—ultimately through the emergence of the ethical man. God created man in his image and likeness, so that his conscious mind would bring a moral meaning to nature.

The liberty and objectivity inherent in monotheistic ethics is under assault—as much now as it has been throughout the ages. In Western philosophy, this biblical worldview has been gradually neglected, denigrated, and even abandoned since the Enlightenment. The results of this are evident in countless universities, where postmodernists today systematically attack the rational and ethical foundations of the West with moral relativism and social subjectivism, fueling a herd mentality and the irrational worship of outright nihilism.

By shattering the idols of pagan mysticism, the Bible’s objective ethics emancipate man from tribal collectivism and empower individuals to pursue liberty and prosperity.