Link to article in Journal of NeuroPhilosophy: Abstract The advancement of modern science, particularly in neuroscience and physics, mayhave reached the level of knowledge that enables us to be at the cusp of a new grandunified theory of the nature of our mind and how it shapes our perception of realityand evolution of science… Read More

This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Roy Barzilai, author of Sex Wars and The Testosterone Hypothesis. Roy focuses on: Lockdowns: Low Testosterone’s Reign of Terror, revealing How sex wars enable the plandemic.  … Read More

A new article, based on The Testosterone Hypothesis, published in World Cycles Institute website:   Mr. Barzilai sums up the effect of lower testosterone levels on the way we think: “Hormones are the causes and motives of the thoughts running through our mind and the choice of actions the brain orders the body to take.”… Read More

My article published on pages 12-13: Bear Markets and Winter Flu Season: Chronobiology of Financial Market Distress Link to PDF: Abstract In this article, I wish to explain the interrelated nature of seasonal patterns of climate and weather, chronobiological cycles (how solar activity effects human behavior) in respect to economic activity, and financial market… Read More