Taxes, healthcare, national security. These are the issues that most people would say differentiate one political party from another, one candidate from another. But in fact, these issues are only symptomatic of what actually differentiates candidates: sex. The 2016 presidential elections in the United States—Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump—exemplified how gender manifests in political conflict,… Read More

Sex Wars: The Fall Of Western Dominance |   We live in a period of history in which intensifying gender, race and religious wars are leading to political disputes over nationalism versus globalism are threatening Western liberty with a return to primitive tribalism. Each side in the conflict, from conservatives and libertarians on the… Read More

Testosterone and Spiritual Thought By Louis Gifford Over the past several thousand years of human civilization, religion has changed immensely. The focus has gone from present, tangible forms to transcendent, intangible spirit; from primordial, cosmic battles to blissful nirvana or worldwide brotherly love; from a preoccupation with rules, rites, purity, and holiness distinctions to very… Read More