A new article, based on The Testosterone Hypothesis, published in World Cycles Institute website:


Mr. Barzilai sums up the effect of lower testosterone levels on the way we think:

“Hormones are the causes and motives of the thoughts running through our mind and the choice of actions the brain orders the body to take.”

“Declining testosterone, which links to depleted serotonin and diminished dopamine, creates a mindset more prone to passivity and fear and violence. This weakened psychological vitality makes entire populations susceptible to group-think, to a herd mentality, and manipulation by controlling forces. The drive for individual excellence in a society is muted, at times even entirely squelched. Therefore, looking back through history, it can be postulated that when cultures are suppressed by tyrants — including the tyranny of the crowd — when creativity and ingenuity and prosperity are supplanted by fear and reserve and paucity, it is very likely that this is the effect of declined testosterone levels.”


Link to article:  https://worldcyclesinstitute.com/the-fear-factor/