BY Jay Campbell

Please watch this absolutely fascinating interview Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes and I did with Roy Barzilai the author of The Testosterone Hypothesis. (Soundcloud file here.)

Roy’s book offers an in depth analysis of how hormones play an instrumental role in the life cycles of civilization.

Some of the discussion points and topics:

  • How hormones have played a massive influence in the ebb and flow of global societal advance from early Judeo-Christian times thru the Dark Ages and Enlightenment and now into the modern age
  • How the master hormonal control mechanism (the hypothalamus) is controlled by solar cycles. Roy’s theory is that the Sun’s radiation actually controls most biological and social systems on earth.
  • Figure 2- AP Index 1932 – 2015

Global Temperatures over the last 4,500 years

  • How the sun is going into a period of lesser temperatures ultimately bringing on global cooling which is partially responsible for the nearly catastrophic suppression of endocrine systems and hormone levels.
  • How refined foods and higher carbohydrate consumption has led to many of the modern diseases of aging we are now experiencing
  • How hormonal decline leads to more socialism which is directly tied to the flourishing of liberalism ultimately causing a further emasculation of society
  • How ultimately humanity’s manipulation of technology can overcome geo-climatic and solar radiation cycles
  • Why Donald Trump might be the great disrupter but the change he represents might not be beneficial for the USA and ultimately the global society
  • Our predictions of where the world is heading in the next 10 years
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This is the voice interview: