New Book makes case that testosterone is the key biological factor that drives the engine of human culture and history.

THE TESTOSTERONE HYPOTHESIS:  How Hormones Regulate the Life Cycles of Civilization is Roy Barzilai’s next provocative book, following last year’s release of THE OBJECTIVE BIBLE: Western Civilization’s Struggle for Philosophic Liberation from a Herd-Mentality and Pagan Mysticism.
Tel Aviv, May 1, 2015. Dibrah Publishing announced today the release of a breakthrough book that posits a systematic, multi-disciplinary theory that gives the human race hope for new frontiers of prosperity and health.

THE TESTOSTERONE HYPOTHESIS is written by Roy Barzilai, who shows how human testosterone levels serve as a critical indicator of a culture’s social mood. In times of heightened testosterone, ingenuity and progress flourish. Eras of declined testosterone levels affect everything from birth rates to financial markets to the predominant philosophy of a society.


Mr. Barzilai synthesizes the latest research in evolutionary biology, neuropsychology, and technology. He shows how the most significant factor affecting these testosterone levels is, in fact, the sun. Global warming and cooling trends align with all kinds of societal triumphs and tragedies. The Great Depression, for example, took place during an era of global cooling and collapsing testosterone levels.

Understanding historical patterns through the lens of The Testosterone Hypothesis sheds new light on the effects and consequences of hormonal imbalances. Cutting edge research on testosterone’s influence on aging reveals that mankind is on the cusp of a revolution to slow an even halt aging. Promising prospects for new advances in technology tie in with an enlightened comprehension of testosterone’s role in our bodies and our societies.

Mr. Barzilai presents all this along with a dire warning: the snowball effect of current negative social mood could plummet us into a new round of economic and social catastrophes if we don’t recognize the need to use the emerging knowledge and make changes.

Compelling prose will engage thoughtful readers to see patterns throughout the history of Western civilization that cannot be denied. Along with clear explanations of human brain functioning, readers will be well equipped to understand these complex issues. The greatest hope for breaking personal and cultural cycles of decline is to recognize the symptoms and the causes. Genuine understanding is the key to genuine liberty and the best hope for breaking the bonds of destruction in human culture.

This 240-page book has been released first in Kindle format to with the paperback forthcoming, Spring, 2015. The cost of the Kindle eBook is $9.99.

From Dibrah Publishing:

“In the philosophic lineage of Ayn Rand, Roy Barzilai brings his consummate passion and intellect to the objective review of science and history. Like Rand, he challenges readers to examine their premises and to recognize their individual power to create and change their lives and the ways of the world.”

About the Author:

Roy Barzilai is an independent scholar, who studied both Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, and Rivka Schechter’s philosophy of language, rooted in the Hebrew Bible. As a financial analyst for over a decade, Roy became aware of the herd mentality in financial markets. He studied the Wave Principle of Human Social Behavior and the new science of Socionomics, focusing on how change in social mood affects society, its ideas, philosophy, culture, and economy, and is thus the engine of history.

Roy holds undergraduate degrees from Tel Aviv University in law, accounting, and computer science.